Coping With COVID19 Quarantine

Can it still be called “Quarantine” if you’re not sick? Some are calling it “Lockdown”, which seems more appropriate for what we’re currently experiencing here in California. Whatever people are calling it, it’s getting pretty tiresome now. Nonetheless, we are doing our best to live normally – whatever that may mean.

I have been craving spaghetti, but I wanted spaghetti with meatballs. We had gone grocery shopping that morning, and finally found some ingredients to make meatballs – so that’s what we did. After putting the meatballs in the oven, we found a bottle of 2012 Newsome Harlow Zinfandel in our wine cellar (it’s a fancy term for our basement). We poured a couple of glasses to sip on while I finished up dinner.

The weather has been warmer, so my husband (Mike) suggested we eat dinner outside on our deck. Mike prepped things outside, and we plated our meals, poured a couple more glasses of wine, and went outside to eat. Mike surprised me by streaming some French bistro music to enjoy with our dinner. IT WAS AWESOME!

Just a few minor changes turned what would be an ordinary dinner, into an amazing little vacation on our own deck! Something to keep in mind whille we all deal with our current state of affairs in the world – mix it up and try to change the ordinary into the extraordinary.

What have you been doing to mix things up and keep interesting at home? Please share!

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