Walking | So Good For You!

At 100+ pounds overweight, I asked my doctor “What can I do for exercise?” He replied “Walking. If you try anything else right now, you risk injuring yourself.”

He went on to add “If you burn 250 calories by walking, and reduce your calorie intake by 250 calories every day, you’ll lose a pound over the course of a week.”

I remember thinking that it sounded simple. Too simple, yet I noticed several improvements after I started walking on a regular basis:


I noticed that I could move easier. I had less joint pain, and was less stiff after sitting or driving. I became more flexible. I was no longer getting out of the car hunched over and hobbling for the first several yards.


I noticed things getting tighter! Not my clothes, or my joints, but my muscles! I felt more “in control”, if that makes sense.

Walking uses many muscles throughout your body, focusing mainly on leg and core muscles. The leg muscles are some of the largest in your body, with the gluteus (your butt) muscles being the largest! Working large muscles will help your body produce and balance hormone levels.

Your “core” incorporates muscles in your chest, abs, back, and hips. According to Michael Silverman, P.T., director of rehabilitation and wellness at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York. It even helps regulate breathing and bladder function. [1]


I used to get tired pretty easily at first, however I noticed that I was eventually less tired. The more effort I put into being active, the more I was rewarded with additional energy in the days ahead. Are there “off” days? Sure, but overall the payoff is undeniable!

These are just a few benefits provided by walking; such a simple, often under-appreciated exercise that most of us can do. The list of benefits goes on and on – so let’s get outside and go for a walk!

  • Written by Mike Masters, for Sarah. FueledBySarah.com

[1] 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Core: Tips For Seniors, By K. Aleisha Fetters, SilverSneakers.com

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