Coping With COVID19 Quarantine

Can it still be called “Quarantine” if you’re not sick? Some are calling it “Lockdown”, which seems more appropriate for what we’re currently experiencing here in California. Whatever people are calling it, it’s getting pretty tiresome now. Nonetheless, we are doing our best to live normally – whatever that may mean. I have been cravingContinue reading “Coping With COVID19 Quarantine”

Are You Moving? Tips To Stay Active.

With our current COVID19 pandemic lockdown, it’s easy to lose motivation for staying active – Trust me when I say “I get it!”. It’s tempting to adopt a routine of staying up late, sleeping in, treating yourself to comfort foods, baking goodies, drinking the wine/beer/cocktails – we’ve all been there! But that’s exactly when weContinue reading “Are You Moving? Tips To Stay Active.”